Preventing Starvation

Preventing Starvation

The most readable headlines of the time, 115 people men, women and children have died of hunger in 19 districts of Bihar in the past five years to 2011. Some families had the red ration card with entitlement of 25 kg of rice with highly subsidized rates, yet they could not afford to buy even 50% of the total entitlements. The red card assures below poverty line household just about enough to survive.

Bihar government runs few programs and schemes such as Targeted Public Distribution System or TDPS, mid-day meal scheme or MDMS, Integrated child development services or ICDS, and few more for helping those under poverty line to survive by earning and learning enough to eat the needed much food. The systems are in place to prevent malnutrition but starvation deaths are being reported from a state that is home to 110 million.

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A question is still frequently asked, “How many deaths remain unreported?"

After a thorough review we decided to help these people beat starvation as well as malnutrition. We started this by distributing more than 300 family’s food packs with quantity enough for a month. To show them that WE CARE!!