About Us

Today one of the most serious problems in India is poverty. Efforts of all states aimed to combat poverty, overshadowed by the wayside of the effects. When considering poverty in the developing country, many people feel deep sorrow but conclude that there is nothing we can do.

The scale of poverty is immense and we seem powerless to stop it. Such despair is understandable, but the fact tells a very different story. While poverty is indeed, extreme and widespread, it is easy to forget just how many people there are in the developed nation, and how powerful our pocket can become when pooled together.

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What We Do

Covering Winter

Bihar, State located in the east side of India. Bordering Nepal and separated by the River Ganges. Here the cold weather commences early in November

Preventing Starvation

The most readable headlines of the time, 115 people men, women and children have died of hunger in 19 districts of Bihar in the past five years to 2011. Some families

Supporting Sufferers

A state where 16.5% of the total flood affected area locates. A home where 21.1% of flood affected population of India lives.The 2013 flood in Bihar affected more

Promoting Education

The population of Bihar is over 104 million out of which 1 in every 3 are illiterate. Illiteracy is intrinsically tied into the cycle of poverty,

Preventing Homelessness

Although, Nitish Kumar government has been widely praised for the kind of governance he has provided to the state over the last few years,

Supporting Healthcare Activities

state flocking for medical treatment. While some of them visit the overcrowded Patna Medical College and Hospital,

Celebrate With Us

Our volunteers head forward to celebrate supreme day of Independence and Republic day with those homeless and impoverished families

Clean Bihar

“Less mess in present, less stress in future.” We built public toilets and also provide money and construction facilities In 2018-19, 500 individuals benefitted

Emergency Is Urgency

“When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.” Under this concept we introduced, “No Cost Ambulance Service”. Under this, a 24/7 Ambulance

Clear Vision, our new Mission

Under our scheme “Clear Vision” we provide free of cost Eye check-ups and Cataract Operation when needed. In 2018-19, 500 individuals benefitted

Last year “Al imdaad Charitable Trust” Supported Programs That Served More Than 10,000 People All Over India.