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The Founder: Hazrat Moulana Mufti Sameen Ashraf Qasmi

Al Imdaad Charitable Trust Team welcomes visitors to the website; we are India-based relief and development charity established in 2014. Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness, the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering in Bihar.Since we received our first donation in 2015, we have helped 300 poor people from Bihar India by giving blankets in winter. Inspired by the Islamic faith and guided by our values, we believe that people with wealth have a duty to those less fortunate – regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief.

We aim to deepen the level of active participation with these like-minded institutions through this site. Our purpose in establishing a charitable trust to offer support and assistance to poor people and needy families, as an acknowledgment of our gratitude to God Almighty who has showered us with infinite blessings. We help poor people to access basic services, including education, water and sanitation, as well as healthcare. We provide lasting routes out of poverty through our sustainable livelihoods schemes, and our integrated approach to development is transforming communities worldwide.


Al Imdaad Charitable Trust works under the guidance of scholars who ensure that the charity's role as a trustee is always fulfilled. Knowing that we are all ultimately accountable to the Almighty, the charity strives to maintain transparency and accountability.

All donated funds are monitored and reviewed by scholars who ensure Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah funds are spent correctly.

The charity also has a full and transparent audit trail from the donor to the beneficiary.

Note : Al Imdaad Charitable Trust does not carry out door-to-door collections. The charity advises anyone who receives collectors at their door, claiming to represent this charity, not to give anything and to inform Al Imdaad Charitable Trust immediately.

Please also note that Al Imdaad Charitable Trust always issues a receipt for a donation. Pleasealways ask for a receipt if you hand over any money to a representative, official or otherwise, of Al Imdaad Charitable Trust.

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